# CN-1944-5-S


Catnapper Transformer Sofa

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Catnapper Transform Sofa (Shown In Seal)

90"L X 41"H X 40"D

Available In 3 Color's, Beige, Chocolate, & Seal

Exclusive Triple Recliner Feature Available

Fold Down Selec-Table with Cupholders

Comfortable Chaise Pad Seating

Luxurious Pub Back Styling

Extra Soft and Chunky Chenille Fabric with Decorative Pillows

CN-1944-5 Reclining Sofa (90"L X 41"H X 40"D) $849.00

CN-1942-2 Rocking Reclining Loveseat (65"L X 41"H X 40"D) $749.00

CN-1940-5 Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner (43"L X 42"H X 42"D) $539.00